How to schedule mail in Gmail with a Google Sheet

schedule mail in Gmail

Email scheduler makes your work easier and simpler. It arranges and plans all your email as per your preferences. With this option, you can plan your email in your Gmail account and have the facility to send to the recipient on that particular time and date. For instance, if you have written something for birthday, anniversary or on any other occasion and want to send it afterwards, then this email scheduler will surely going to give you that benefit. The entire process is carried out using Google Spreadsheet. Infect you do have an option of sending recurring email automatically as per your planned schedule, be it daily, weekly or monthly. If you have difficulty in login to your Gmail account, speak to us at our support for Gmail number 18444332368setup gmail schedular

Benefits of email scheduler:

  • Schedule your plan now and send it on specific date and time
  • Complete writing email in Gmail and save it as draft and specify your choice for time and date
  • You also have an excellent option of sending same email to multiple Gmail account users separately.
  • You can even send reminder email on the planned day or time with the help of the scheduler that saves your time and worries..

Thus, it gives you a chance to send email as per the varied time zone of the recipient so that it will not go unread.

You can see Gmail Scheduler inside Google spreadsheets and is found working all over the browsers.

How does scheduler in Gmail works?

The scheduler has Google Script in it and is seen inside Google Sheets. This mainly runs on the Google server and send message to the recipient email address as per your chosen day and time, irrespective of the fact that your computer is on or off.

Plan for your email now and send it to your Gmail later. It is really very easy and simple to set Gmail scheduler in your account. Just follow these few steps and you are done with the work:

  • First of all you sign in to your Gmail account and compose different email messages as per your requirements. At this point of time, do not click on the “Send” button. Instead save it as draft.
  • Log on to the org/scheduler. Soon after this, it is very easy to install Email Scheduler inside Google Spreadsheets. Add-on will get installed after this.

Now this add-on will have the right to use the Gmail and various other Google Applications.

This is particularly important to perform authorization activity, just one-time, before the delivery of the email from Gmail account to the receipt account.

Google Sheet – Add-ons – Email Scheduler – Configure to launch the Email Scheduler.
email schedlular add-ons

You might have stored many drafts email messages that you can see in the dropdown menu. From there, select the email that you want to get delivered within the prescribed time by clicking on the “Schedule”. It is very simple to follow few instructions that you can see on the screen and complete the entire process. If you are getting any problem, do not hesitate to call us on our Gmail support phone number 1-844-433-2368.

email schedular options

Sometimes, we save email messages without formatting, attachments, etc. So, you can do that as well and never forget to mention the email address of the receipt in TO/CC/BCC field. Your email will be send to the receipt email account within +/- 15 minutes of the scheduled time zone of the browser. For any quarries or help, reach us at our Gmail help phone number 1-844-433-2368.


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