How to Set up and secure your PC?


When you start using your computer it is a good idea to check few things so that you get a safe and hassle free experience.

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When you purchase a new PC or laptop then you may be very eager to open the box, plug the system and start using it immediately. But before you just start using make sure you have followed these simple steps so that your internet experience also becomes secure. If you need to shop online or you want to use internet banking then obviously you need a safe and secure PC.

Update Your Windows or Operating System

We suggest you use Windows 8 or higher for better security. First step you should do is to update your Windows. These downloaded patches remove the loopholes in your system from where virus can enter and create havoc. If you are running other versions of Windows then also you can update them. If you are running some other Operating System then also you can find the option to update your OS.


Switch on Windows Defender

Windows 8 comes bundled with Microsoft’s own antivirus software application, Window Defender. It is very useful to keep away many malware and viruses from your system. You should update Windows Defender so that it is up to date with latest virus definitions. You can also install some other Antivirus software for better internet security. If you are running other OS then also you can install any famous Antivirus to protect your system.


Install a Safe and Stable Web browser

Microsoft inbuilt Internet Explorer is known to have many issues. Hence we recommend you to download and install safer and stable web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These web browsers will give you more secure experience and will even warn you when you will visit any unsafe website by mistake.


Set Up User Accounts

Sometimes there are chances that some other person than you has to use your system. Hence it is advised that you setup separate user accounts for different users or guests. Make sure that you don’t give administrative privileges to these guest accounts. This will make sure that your data will not compromise if someone else is visiting some unsafe websites or downloading some malicious code from their user account.


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