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Gmail is one of the most demanded and user-friendly website that keeps people connected globally. This is one of the ways to send, receive and share information, among people in almost field. What, if you get a chance to know the shortcut keys for your Gmail account, you will be more than happy and you can use that time for some other constructive work.

We often get bulk mail or sometimes if we don’t check inbox of Gmail, lots of mails remain unread and it becomes difficult to find the most important mail from there. To solve all such issues, we bring forth the shortcut keys that will be very useful.

For instance, if you want to delete, compose, read, reply and bifurcate between read and unread email, then shortcuts are for you. To make it more precise and clear, shortcut keys can be used for three different views that are Inbox View, Conversation View and Compose View for Gmail account.

It is important to activate keyword shortcuts in the Gmail page.

  • After you login to your Gmail account with user Id and Password, click on setting(*) icon that is present in the top right corner of the Gmail, and then go to Settings
  • You will find “General Tab”, look for “Keyword Shortcuts” & select “Keyword shortcuts on”
  • “Save” option can be seen at the bottom of the page, just click on it to save the changes that you have done.
  • After this, again go back to Settings and look for “Labs’ option, & click on it. There you will find “Custom Keyboard shortcuts” and then Enable it.
  • Then click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts for Inbox View

Shift : To select a continuous series of mail, hold Shift & select last mail in the series

Command : Hold Command to select random number of email in the inbox.


Shift+8+u : lets you select all unread messages of the inbox.

E : Once messages are selected in the boxes, use e to archive it. It lets users quickly reach inbox zero by archiving emails that less or not important.

= : If you want to mark many emails as important, then press “=”

c : to compose a new mail then press “c”

/ : For searching email in the inbox, you need to press “/” so that cursor will take you to the search tab.

Keyboard shortcuts for Conversation View

r : (reply) – Press “r” to reply for the email that you have read


a : (reply all) – Press “a” to reply for more than one person in a thread message

f : (forward) – Press “f” to forward same email to some other email id.

Shift + u : Hold Shift and press “u” to make it unread so that you can read it quickly later in free time.


= : This marks the selected message as important so that it is easy to find next time when you need it.

k : If you want to go for the net email, then press “k”

j : if you want to check previous email, then press “j”


u : if you want to go back to Inbox View, press “u”

Keyboard shortcuts for Compose View

Command + k : To insert a link, you need to hold command key and then press “k”


Command + shift + 7 : Hold Command and shift key and then press 7 to insert numbered list

Command + shift + 8 : Hold Command and shift key and then press 8 to insert bullets

To switch between send name, subject line & body of email – for this, press “Tab” button when composing a new email for shifting from receipt email id to subject line and then body of the email.

So, by using these shortcut keys, you can save lots of time and your work will get completely in lesser time. In other words, Keyboard shortcuts save your precious time and energy from shifting back and forth.

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